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Years of living art full time has culminated into this vision that inspires our perspective. Ampah Gallery is an artist owned and artist driven gallery run by Silvia Ampah and featuring the work of Felix Ampah.

Friends and associates whose work we respect also participate in this gallery, either as permanent or occasional contributors. We are proud of our work and assure our patrons of a most enjoyable product and experience.

Felix lived and worked tirelessly to see his childhood dream come true, if only for a few months, to own his gallery! The physical gallery premises may have closed as of December 31, 2008, however his Art in Print will always be available at our Website which he developed and designed for the World to enjoy and hopefully be a part of your Interior Design!

My thanks to Jake & Mitsue Jacobson and The Bicycle Theory Group (Web Design & Web Hosting) among many, many others for their continued support.  

Silvia A. Ampah


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Limited edition signed/numbered as well as open edition giclée. We print on demand so allow 5 business days before your print leaves our office. We frame your giclée for unique looks; bold, playful, formal, exotic...yours will be special.
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Samanyi Jewelry Design Photo
Samanyi Jewelry Design by Silvia Ampah, exclusively available here are Ghana beads inspired jewelry.
We can also be found on
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Adinkra Art
Legendary blend of arts and philosophy from West Africa contain codes of conduct. Adinkra covers personal integrity, family values, social responsibility, civic involvement and harmony with nature. Beautiful, sophisticated, intriguing, spiritual, and dynamic.
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Refreshing mix of expressionist intensity with humanist optimism applied to West African subject matter. 1998 visit to his native Ghana, Felix Ampah returned with a tremendous charge to communicate that experience...the people, the color, the pagentry.
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A small unknown gem in the Twin Cities Area to view / purchase Art & Custom designed Jewelry, etc...

221 American Blvd., West
Bloomington, MN 55420

STOP in and visit us when you see the Gallery Sign outside, or email me if you are interested.


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